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Donor Development

The idea of direct-donor fundraising – basically, asking people to give you money – can send a shiver down the spine of even the boldest among us. Writing a letter asking for money can be hard enough, but the specter of the dreaded “face-to-face request” may keep you up at night.

Further, many nonprofit staffs find themselves intimidated by the welter of techniques for bringing dollars in the door. Direct mail, annual campaigns, special events, planned giving, major donor efforts, Board solicitations, donor database development and management, thank-you letters, updates to donors – the list can feel overwhelming.

At Further The Work, we believe that prospective donors welcome the chance to discover organizations doing great work. Indeed, we believe they are eager to find opportunities to put their resources to work, by donating their time, money, and skill to organizations that meet their philanthropic goals.

At Further The Work, we can help you make your way to a manageable and successful fundraising future:

  • Coaching: We can coach you in stewarding current donors, cultivating new ones, and learning how to feel comfortable asking donors for their support.
  • Analysis: We can partner with you to conduct a “development audit,” assess your internal capacity, and develop strategies to maximize your efficiency while minimizing ineffective distractions.
  • Direct Service: We can write donor materials for you, develop an annual giving plan, and conduct your major fundraising activities.