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Announcing A New Community-Focused On-Line Forum

May 14, 2010

Dear Lori,

We are delighted to debut our new community-focused on-line forum, Further Thoughts!

Here at Further The Work, we believe that it's only by pooling our thoughts, our time and our resources that communities like ours can become truly positive places to live and work.

Across Contra Costa County, and within the West County region, many people and organizations are striving to develop broader community conversation and collaborative approaches. The proliferation of collaborative efforts --  such as Building Blocks for Kids, the Healthy Richmond planning project underwritten by The California Endowment, the multisector NURVE collaborative, and Richmond's emerging One Richmond initiative -- reflects this desire to integrate intent and resources, and we welcome their development.

At the same time, it seems to us at Further The Work that there are relatively few open-door, on-line resources to host and foster evolving community conversations, share information, and build collective knowledge.

That's why we've developed this new community-focused forum, Further Thoughts.

Intended to serve as an accessible place to gather information, store useful resources, post upcoming events, and encourage conversation and relationships, Further Thoughts is available to everyone to cares to visit. And we plan to shape its evolution in response to community needs and input, so your suggestions are welcome.

So we invite you to come on by and take a look, offer a comment, post an upcoming event, start a group, or join a discussion!

Best to all,
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Rebecca Brown, MA, CFA, CFRE
President, Further The Work

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