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August 19, 2009 

Dear Lori,

I'm proud to announce that Further The Work has become a Certified B Corporation, acknowledging us as a socially responsible organization.

Why the B? It stands for social benefit.

A new designation being granted to forward-thinking, for-profit businesses across the country, Certified B Corporations use the power of business to create public benefit. Certifications are determined and awarded by B Lab, a nonprofit organization started in 2007 and supported by initial grants of $500,000 each from The Rockefeller Foundation and the Halloran Foundation.

Unlike traditional businesses, Certified B Corporations are measured on comprehensive and transparent social and environmental performance standards, including equitable hiring and employment practices; ethical business practices; and responsible environmental practices.

At FTW, we are grateful to find like-minded organizations under the B Corp umbrella. We are proud of the fact that, from its inception, our company has focused on the dual bottom line of doing well by doing good:
  • We believe that maintaining the status quo isn't good enough - not in a world in which suffering born of inequity is part of that status quo.
  • We believe that there is no excuse to squander resources, whether of time, of attention, of wealth, or of expertise.
  • We believe that for-profit organizations have an ethical obligation - and a practical opportunity - to contribute to the greater good, rather than just recirculate wealth among the traditional beneficiaries of that wealth.
  • We believe in bringing our A game, at all times, offering for-profit, market-competitive standards of rigor and excellence to our work in the nonprofit world.
We are honored and proud to count ourselves among the nation's leaders in the effort to align corporate missions with intentional, equitable, and socially responsible practices:

To check us out on the B Lab site, click here.
Best to all,
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Rebecca Brown, MA, CFA, CFRE
President, Further The Work
Bringing for-profit resources to the nonprofit world
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