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What We Believe

What We Do

At Further The Work, we advocate a place-based “whole community” approach to social change. Reflecting that belief, we focus primarily on Contra Costa County and the complex issues it confronts.

Living Our Values

As a values-based Certified B Corporation, Further The Work is explicitly committed to a triple bottom line: people, place, and profit. We are proud of the fact that, from its inception, our company has focused on doing well by doing good.

What We Believe

  • We believe that maintaining the status quo isn’t good enough – not in a world in which suffering born of inequity is part of that status quo.
  • We believe that there is no excuse to squander resources, whether of time, of attention, of wealth, or of expertise.
  • We believe that for-profit organizations have an ethical obligation – and a practical opportunity – to contribute to the greater good, rather than just recirculate wealth among the traditional beneficiaries of that wealth.
  • We believe in using excellence as a tool to promote social equity, bringing for-profit, market-competitive standards to our work in the nonprofit world.