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What We Do

At Further The Work, we believe in maximizing your organizational capacity by understanding the big picture – the social mission you’re trying to accomplish – while respecting the smaller details of how you do what you do, every day.

We strive to create true partnerships with our clients, customizing our mix of consultation and direct service to best respond to your needs. So whether we’re crafting effective grant proposals or coaching your team in developing a multi-year strategic plan, FTW is flexible, creative, and effective, offering a powerful array of ideas, expertise, and solutions to meet each project’s needs.

Typically, we work with clients for extended periods; in fact, most clients have stayed with us for at least a year, and some have worked with us for much longer. This isn't a requirement, but many clients tell us that they enjoy the ease, efficiency, and familiarity that come from building extended relationships.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you about ways we might further your work.

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Strategic Planning

Facilitation/Process Design

Fundraising & Marketing