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Facilitation/Process Design

For Philanthropies

So, you’ve done your research, vetted the candidates, made your site visits, and awarded the grant.

Now what?

Philanthropic organizations exist to ensure that their support – usually, their financial support – is put to the most effective and efficient use possible, to further a social goal.

Finding the right nonprofit partner to support is a critical task, of course.

But in a way, it’s just the beginning. Over time, the question may emerge for you, the donor: How can we maximize the utility and value of our support? How do we know what difference we’re making?

At Further The Work, we can help. We can serve as facilitative liaisons between you and your grantees, providing effective and collaborative project management in a variety of arenas:

  • We can spearhead your grantees’ strategic planning process or organizational development, helping them advance to the next level of capacity.
  • We can work with grantees as fundraising coaches, to strengthen their internal capacity and maximize their long-term fiscal sustainability.
  • We can help grantees strengthen their analysis, evaluation, and communication practices, so you – and they – can better understand and evaluate their work.

For Nonprofits

If you’re a member of a nonprofit organization’s senior management team – or if you’re more or less the whole team, all by yourself – Further The Work can help.

Whether your budget’s too small to staff a whole fundraising department, or you’re growing too fast for your current staff to meet all your needs, or you’re in turnaround or in crisis or at a loss for how to manage a short deadline, we can help.

We can develop, coordinate, and supervise complex projects in planning, fundraising, communications, and collateral production, to meet your needs next quarter or for the next five years.

We can assemble and direct a customized team of writers, fundraisers, program evaluators, graphic designers, printers, and website gurus to meet your needs, freeing you from the time-consuming burdens of project coordination. Or we can serve as your coaches and guides to help you and your staff build the capacity to manage such projects independently.

Our goal is to help you identify the best solutions to meet your needs and further your work.