It takes a village, to build a better justice system. Too often, though, justice planning is a top-down, piecemeal, and siloed process, devoid of meaningful opportunities to engage, listen, and learn. So at Further The Work, we use public presentations, collective inquiry, and facilitated decision-making processes to help groups discover, debate, and deploy brilliant new solutions.

Through our civic engagement project Reentry Solutions Group, we host open-to-all public meetings on justice-related issues to build shared knowledge, shape policy, and inform decision-making.

Take a look at a few of our analytic presentations.

  • CoCo LEAD Plus: An Innovative Point-of-Arrest Diversion Program - A public/private multi-partner initiative led by County Health Services, a city police department, and County Probation, CoCo LEAD Plus is an innovative point-of-arrest diversion program intended to break the cycle of criminalization and repeated incarceration for people with mental illness or substance use disorder in Antioch, CA. CHECK IT OUT