Why We Exist

At Further The Work, we use excellence, intelligence, determination, and integrity to make the world a better place.

We are working toward the development of a world in which equity is embedded into every aspect of our lives; in which multi-sector alliances contribute to and underpin a social fabric sufficient to meet people’s essential needs; in which technological resources providing real-time information management allow us to collectively recognize unaddressed areas, identify and employ best practices, and continue to advance social justice; in which people are enabled to understand themselves and others; and in which our world’s resources are sustainably and equitably managed.

Committed to the triple bottom line of people, place, and profit, we are proud of the fact that, from its inception, our company has focused on doing well by doing good.

A boutique agency with a gift for partnership, we’re not big and bland, we don’t try to be all things to all people, we aren’t competing with other businesses. We are always glad to find others who think like we do, which means we welcome the fellow travelers who want to join us in forging the same path.

What We Believe

We are relentlessly committed to the belief that our justice systems should not add to the world’s harm. To do justice to all, and honor to ourselves, we need a criminal justice system that seeks to restore.

  • We believe that maintaining the status quo isn’t good enough – not in a world in which suffering born of inequity is part of that status quo.
  • We believe that there is no excuse to squander resources, whether of time, of attention, of wealth, or of expertise.
  • We believe that for-profit organizations have an ethical obligation – and a practical opportunity – to contribute to the greater good, rather than just recirculate wealth among the traditional beneficiaries of that wealth.
  • We believe in the power of disruptive inquiry guided by unwavering ethics and built on rigorous discipline.

Four Pillars

We want to build fair and effective justice systems in every community across our nation. Our approach to justice reform rests on four pillars:

  • We want to invest in what works.
  • We believe that true justice requires social justice.
  • We believe that incarceration should serve as a last resort.
  • We believe that safety for all depends on justice for all.
  • CoCo LEAD Plus: An Innovative Point-of-Arrest Diversion Program - A public/private multi-partner initiative led by County Health Services, a city police department, and County Probation, CoCo LEAD Plus is an innovative point-of-arrest diversion program intended to break the cycle of criminalization and repeated incarceration for people with mental illness or substance use disorder in Antioch, CA. CHECK IT OUT