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Fundraising & Marketing

Fundraising – whether through government grants or direct mail or million-dollar bequests from somebody’s Aunt Aretha – isn’t really about getting dollars through the door.

It’s about partnership: about aligning people who are doing certain things with people who want to see those things done and will offer their support.

So at Further The Work, we operate according to certain truths that we hold to be self-evident:

  • Good organizations need to let people know what they’re doing, because lots of people are going to want to support that good work. So we’re committed to outreach and clear communication.
  • There’s no such thing as a perfect organization: good organizations are going to make mistakes, and their supporters deserve to hear the real story. So we’re committed to truth and transparency.
  • Organizations, like people, can learn from their mistakes. So we’re committed to data analysis and ongoing research into best practices.

These three premises underlie every element of our approach to fundraising, regardless of the specific fundraising mechanism. Whether through direct mail campaigns, major donor cultivation, budget development and narratives, prospect research, letters of inquiry, grant applications, and reports – in every instance, we aspire to help our clients form lasting relationships with others who share their mission.

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