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Strategic Planning

Why Invest in a Strategic Plan?

There’s a big difference between a path and a map. Each has its place, and each its limitations.

There’s much to be said for summoning the courage to simply strike out on one’s own path, with the hope and the conviction that you will find your own way to your intended destination.

Many social benefit organizations begin just this way: with a visionary individualist (or two) who simply takes an idea and runs with it.

At some point, though, it can be important to stop for a moment, take a breath, and take stock. Perhaps your path hasn’t quite led you where you want to go; perhaps you’ve reached what looks like a dead-end; perhaps more people have joined you in your journey, and conflicts have arisen about where you all should go, or how best to get there. Perhaps you’ve reached a destination so much greater than you anticipated that you don’t know quite what to do next.

So, sometimes, you may find that it’s time to transform your intuitive path into an intentional map. That’s where strategic planning comes in.

How We Can Help

Strategic planning is nothing more or less than an opportunity to ask yourself, or ask anew, the key questions: Who are we? What do we want to accomplish? Are we all headed in the same direction? What must we do to reach a shared destination? How will we know when and if we’ve arrived, and what will that future place look like?

At Further The Work, we can collaborate with you to undertake a manageable, revealing, and gratifying strategic planning process to clarify your organizational course.

We can provide skilled, insightful, and inclusive facilitation services to help your organization tackle difficult conversations, explore new ideas, and face challenges in thoughtful, productive, and effective ways.

Depending on your organization and inclinations, the process can be relatively modest and streamlined, or it can be extensive and highly detailed.

But the goal is always the same: to help you maximize the pleasures of the path, and the benefits of the map.