Facilitation and Multi-Stakeholder Process Management

Reentry Success Center


County Administrator’s Office in partnership with a 16-member team of community residents, blended public/private funding


A public/private community-based collective impact initiative, the Reentry Success Center co-locates, integrates, and manages a wide array of public and provide resources to support success and long-term liberty for formerly incarcerated people and their families. Working on a seven-month timeline, we were hired to design and manage a community-driven participatory design process to transform a vague idea – “Let’s make it easier for people to get help after incarceration” – into a feasible and innovative implementable plan. The contract’s primary deliverables included the development of vision & mission statements, organizational host characteristics, governance structures, operating principles, MOU template, and first-year work plan and budget. But with our commitment to community development and capacity-building, FTW also saw this as an opportunity to enhance community awareness, participation, and ownership; strengthen relationships through increased trust and better understanding of common goals; and encourage collective learning and subject-matter expertise.

  • CoCo LEAD Plus: An Innovative Point-of-Arrest Diversion Program - A public/private multi-partner initiative led by County Health Services, a city police department, and County Probation, CoCo LEAD Plus is an innovative point-of-arrest diversion program intended to break the cycle of criminalization and repeated incarceration for people with mental illness or substance use disorder in Antioch, CA. CHECK IT OUT