High-Impact Grant Proposal

Stand Together Contra Costa: Public and Private Funding, $4,500,000

On behalf of a coalition of community activists and advocates, we designed Stand Together Contra Costa, a rapid-response deportation defense initiative for residents at risk of wrongful deportation. A partnership of public and private funders, the Public Defender’s Office, and community-based organizations, Stand Together Contra Costa provides culturally competent, no-cost rapid response support, legal defense services and clinics, and immigrant rights education and training to support families impacted by anti-immigrant policies and practices.

  • CoCo LEAD Plus: An Innovative Point-of-Arrest Diversion Program - A public/private multi-partner initiative led by County Health Services, a city police department, and County Probation, CoCo LEAD Plus is an innovative point-of-arrest diversion program intended to break the cycle of criminalization and repeated incarceration for people with mental illness or substance use disorder in Antioch, CA. CHECK IT OUT